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    Titans and Dolphins preview: Dion Lewis Womens Bobby McCain Jersey , Malcolm Butler will have ‘biggest impact’ The Miami Dolphins will host the Tennessee Titans on Sunday in the regular season opener. With every team entering Week 1 at 0-0 on the year and hope springing eternal around the league, this is also the s tart of figuring out who and what every team really will be. While we think we have an idea of who the Dolphins are in 2018, we will still be surprised when they actually get on the field and start showing things they held close throughout the summer.As for the Titans, Dolphins fans - and the NFL - really do not know who or what they are. But, we do know someone who is pretty close to the team and can give us a better look. Music City Miracles editor-in-chief Jimmy Morris took some time to give us his thoughts on the Titans heading into 2018.And, if you would like to see my aqua-colored glasses take on the Dolphins, check out my answers to Jimmy’s questions. 1. Let’s start with the obvious question: How has Marcus Mariota looked this summer? After two strong seasons to start his career, he fell off last year. What improvement have you seen this year and what do you expect to see from him?He has been up and down this summer. We all expect him to take a huge step forward this year now that he is in an offense from this century, but the results in the preseason were mixed. Some of that was to be expected as the new offense that is being installed is night and day different from what they ran last year. Dan Orlovsky, who was in Rams’ camp with then Rams OC Matt LaFleur how is not the Titans OC, has said on multiple occasions that it takes a while for this system to click. We still have a lot of questions about the offensive, but my faith in Mariota’s ability to succeed in it has not been shaken.As for changes this year, I expect Mariota to look like the confident quarterback he did in 2016. Last year he was coming off a devastating injury and never looked comfortable or confident in what was going on. I think that will change this year and he will go back to throwing no look touchdown passes in the red zone.2. All summer, the Dolphins played a very vanilla version of both their offense and defense, looking to keep things from appearing on film. It sounds like new head coach Mike Vrabel admitted the Titans did the exact same thing http://www.miamidolphinsteamonline.com/t.j.-mcdonald-jersey , preferring to use practice - away from the public, media, and (potentially) scouts eyes whatever they really want to do. With that said, what can we expect to see from Vrabel’s team, and how is he adjusting to being a head coach?Vrabel’s acclimation as a head coach seems to have gone pretty well. There has been some stress here between him and the media and the fans because of how he (Vrabel) gave absolutely nothing on injuries throughout the preseason, but what else would you expect from a guy that spent so much time with Bill Belichick in New England. The good news is the players seems to love playing for him. That is all that matters at the end of the day.I think Vrabel would hope that you see a disciplined, tough-nosed team (which I guess you could say for every football coach). He has been very big on accountability with guys. That hasn’t always been the case with head coaches here. Outside of that, I still have as many questions about what this football team is going to look like on both sides of the ball as you do. 3. Injuries always seem to be a story coming out of the preseason, and the Titans have definitely had some injury issues this summer. Who should we expect to see this weekend, and who could be missing playing time?The